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The Fondo de Ahorro de Panama Approves its Annual Investment Plan for 2018 / 2019

Panama | September 7, 2018

The Board of Directors (the “Board”) of the Fondo de Ahorro de Panama’s (the “Fund”) in a regular board meeting held on September 6, 2018, approved its Annual Investment Plan for the 2018/2019 period (the “Plan”).   

The following is the Fund’s Strategic Portfolio, approved by the Board for the period 2018/2019:

  • Global Fixed Income: 55%

  • Cash and Short-Term Investments: 20%

  • Inflation-linked Bonds: 5%

  • Equities: 15%

  • Alternatives Investments (Private Equity): 5%

Relative to the previously approved portfolio (2017/2018), the current Strategic Portfolio shows a reduction in its allocation to global fixed income and equities asset classes, increases its allocation to cash and short-term investments, and incorporates a private equity portfolio, which is expected to reach an allocation of up to 5% of the total portfolio. 

The Plan incorporates the Strategic Asset Allocation and hence the approved Strategic Portfolio of the Fund. This portfolio is structured with strict adherence to economic/financial reasoning and applicable legal standards, considering key criteria such as the Fund´s objectives and investment horizon, liquidity needs, foundational capital preservation, and risk tolerance.

In accordance with its bylaws, the Board approves the Plan annually.

About the Fondo de Ahorro de Panama

The Fund was created by Law 38 of June 5, 2012, whose main objectives are:

  1. Establish a long-term savings mechanism for the Panamanian State; and

  2. Establish a stabilization mechanism in case of a state of emergency (declared by the Cabinet’s Council) and economic slowdowns.

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